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Employment Law for Hiring and Recruiting

Employment Law for Hiring and Recruiting by Jim Bennett       Many human resource professionals are responsible for ensuring their companies comply with a myriad of employment law for hiring and … [Read more...]

Atlanta Recruiting Fun and Surprises

The Earnest Candidate Who Wore an Ear Ring.

Whether you are part of a staffing agency or Atlanta recruiting firm, or hiring for your own department in a company, recruiting can be fun. And there are always recruiting surprises. There are … [Read more...]

Right to Hire Staffing – How It Works for You

Right to Hire Staffing Has Tremendous Benefits for Hiring Managers

Right to hire staffing gives you the no-commitment opportunity to try out prospective new professional employees, in your office with your team. You keep the good ones. What is Right to Hire … [Read more...]

Atlanta Staffing Agency – Three Reasons Why You Need a Great One

Atlanta Staffing Agency thumbnail image

Using an Atlanta staffing agency for recruiting the best candidates lets you save time and money by leveraging the agency's experience and deep network of candidates. … [Read more...]

Recruit Great Employees with Low Cost Benefits

Recruit Employees with Low Cost Benefits They Like

You can recruit great employees with low cost benefits that help you grab and retain team members who will contribute the most and enjoy working for your company. You can rely on affordable … [Read more...]

Growing Your Online Network! part 5

I have had several emails with questions which I will take this issue to address in this issue."What do I say on LinkedIN to a person that I do not know?"   J.B. Atlanta, GAWell,  J. What is the … [Read more...]

Profiling Your Model Employees

Profile Your Model Employees

Profiling your model employees and understanding their strengths will help you find capable new employees who will be effective in your company. In most businesses the greatest challenge isn’t … [Read more...]

Are Agency Recruiters Really Worth The Money?

Are Agency Recruiters Really Worth The Money? Ok. I own an Atlanta Staffing Firm that locates and places top candidates into Permanent and Contract Positions throughout the USA.  Yes, our financial … [Read more...]

Atlanta Staffing Agency Reports Increase in Hiring by Employers

Peak Resource Group Offices

Peak Resource Group, Inc, an Atlanta staffing agency, has been seeing a definite uptick in hiring throughout the USA.We have recently met with several Atlanta-based staffing agencies to 'compare … [Read more...]

Atlanta Staffing Agencies Receive and Fix Some Funny Resumes

As a busy Atlanta staffing agency, Peak Resource Group receives many resumes every day. Of these resumes, 84% of are pretty well-written. Several though are very funny as written. For example, in … [Read more...]

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