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What a Contract Recruiter Can do for You

Your boss is pumped when you’re on the ball with the latest trends in your human resource department, and using contract recruiters is one of them. The trend started heating up around 2009, when the … [Read more...]

IT Hiring In 2014

Is the IT Hiring in 2014 crazy out there, or is it ME?  Don't answer that. We all have seen the comics that compare BigFoot and UFO sightings to recruiting a Java Developer.  Many days I'd bet my … [Read more...]

Peak Resource Group Wins Award

For Immediate Release  Peak Resource Group Wins Award for 2014  Cumming, GA, July 14,  2014 – Peak Resource Group, a Georgia based Search, Staffing and Recruiting provider, has been honored with the … [Read more...]

Funny Resume Phrases

Funny Resume PhrasesWe read hundreds/thousands of resumes a month.  Many are wonderful.  Interesting backgrounds.  Great use of descriptive words.  Nice formatting.  We do our best to help top people … [Read more...]

Online Recruiting I feel like I am on

I have been single for a few years now, and like millions of others, I sometime visit an online dating site to find potential dates. After being in technical sales and recruiting for many years, it … [Read more...]

Social Media Recruiting. A primer for attracting future employees

Social Media Recruiting – A primer for attracting future employees.Part 1I have lots of photos of Raylan the wonder dog on Facebook. He has many outfits, to which I insist I share with all of his … [Read more...]

Millennials Hiring Millennials

Millennials Hiring Millennials. What IS this recruiting world coming to?I never thought I would enter the 'dark side' and become a recruiter.  With a degree in Sociology I really didn't know what I … [Read more...]

Realities about Staffing Company Jobs

Peak Resource Group

I have talked to many unemployed people at job networking events that have spent many months looking for a job.  Most werefrustrated that they are not getting responses from their resumes submitted … [Read more...]

Job Titles: What’s in a Name?

Job Titles: What’s in a Name?It’s pretty interesting to look on company career sites to view the different variations of a job titles and duty descriptions that overall represent the same type of … [Read more...]

Hiring Application Developers – Three Types We Avoid

JQuery Code

Application developers make the world go around. Web apps, desktop apps, mobile apps, server applications, microcode, interfaces, programmable controllers - we love all our applications and depend on … [Read more...]

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