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A great resume tells a short story that says you are a well-qualified candidate and a good match for the hiring organization. Follow some of these resume suggestions to build a better resume that gets you an interview with a hiring manager who is already confident, based on your resume, that you can do the job. If you like these tips or have some you’d like to share, email us at and we’ll share it with others.

Resume Tips.  How to Create a Resume That Will Be Remembered!

Your resume has only 10 seconds to make its case for you. The reader’s impression of who you are only takes a few seconds to form, so put your effort into the top half of the first page of your resume.

Craft a lead-off summary statement that matches the job opportunity, but that doesn’t close you out to related jobs. Many candidates send resumes based on a published opportunity, but end up taking another role that might even be more appealing.

Your summary statement should not include any BS. Be specific, be factual, and get to the point. No one expects you to create world peace, but you could do a great job writing software, designing network infrastructure, or managing projects.

Limit your resume to two pages, or three pages if you have extensive experience. If you have a lot of relevant publications, patents, awards, references, or supporting information, put those on separate pages and offer to provide them in your cover letter.

Use a format appropriate to the job opportunity. If you are pursuing a contract position as a software or web app developer, you may want to provide a table of software tools and development environment for which you have experience. Alternatively, if you are a senior technology manager seeking a permanent position, include information about the environments supporting your previous projects in the body of the project summary for each.

What Not to Include in Your Resume

Don’t include 30 years of your job history. Nobody cares, and it just makes you look old and tired, and probably too expensive.

Leave out sex, politics, and religion. Not relevant or appropriate.

Don’t try to show miraculous achievements in every job experience. Just hit a few high points.

Hobbies? Not so much until you know your reader. You like hunting, he’s a PETA sponsor. How’s that going to work out?

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