Right to Hire Staffing Services

With Right to Hire Staffing, you enjoy the flexibility of engaging an expert to work on your project now, with the ability to transition them to your permanent staff when and if  you get open headcount.  With this temp to perm arrangement, you get the near-term benefit of having experienced resources on an as-needed basis, and later retaining the resources as employees with no “ramp-up” required.

How It Works


Contact Peak about your consultant position requirement. We will discuss your timeframe, project details and goals.


We’ll work with you to understand what type of person you are looking for. The right candidate is more than just a ‘skills’ list. We can discuss current market climate and availability of the type of person with skills that you seek.


We’ll search for the right resources and we’ll screen them on qualifications, professionalism, and appropriateness for your environment. Candidates will go thru multiple interviews before they are presented to you.


You’ll interview candidates and provide feedback or ‘fine tuning’ if this person is not an exact fit.


You meet the right candidate and choose them to join your team. Peak will handle all of the background checks and HR functions.


After a successful start, we will meet with both you and the candidate on a regular basis to ensure that your new consultant is the perfect fit.


Right to hire staffing enables you to bring in great consulting resources right away to meet urgent deadlines.

This temp to perm approach also allows you to retain outstanding resources on an affordable employee basis when your projects become programs or normal business operations.

Using a right to hire staffing option means that you do not have to recruit twice for the same position, and your new employee will be entirely up to speed. No retraining required.

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