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Peak Resource Group was organized in 1997 to provide employee staffing services for Communications Industry and technology-driven companies. In 2009 our clients asked us to include additional industries and skill sets as part of our employee staffing services.  We talk to great people all day every day.  We tweet like our wings are on fire.  Our LinkedIn’s are always linking.  We don’t need much sleep because we love this stuff.

How It Works


Contact Peak concerning your employee staffing goals. We will talk with your to understand more about the positions that you would like for us to fill.  We will discuss and agree to timeframe and expectations of both sides. Together we will decide the best way to move forward to fill these positions.


We will review or create the job description with you and thoroughly understand what type of person best fits your organization. The perfect employee is more than just a ‘skills’ list.  The culture and management style of your business unit needs to align with the proposed employee as well.  We do the investigation and research up front so that we deliver the exact people that you need.  We can discuss current market climate and availability of the type of person that you seek to hire.


We will light the candles, grab the coffee and Diet Cokes, pull out the Peak secret sauce and reach into our networks to identify the people that best fit your organization.  As we have start conversations with top individuals we will be interviewing them for qualifications, professionalism, and appropriateness for your environment. Candidates will go through multiple interviews before they are presented to you.  We present PEOPLE to you not resumes.  All candidates presented by Peak will be qualified and interested in your specific opportunity.


You’ll interview candidates and provide us with appropriate, timely feedback.  This allows for ‘fine tuning’  our recruiting on our end if needed.  This also allows us to respond honestly and timely to any candidates not selected.  Your satisfaction as well as the candidate experience is vital.


You meet the right person and know that this person will be a terrific addition to your team.   You do the happy day dance – we do the happy day dance- the candidate does the happy day dance. (no YouTube videos allowed)   We are available to assist with negotiations, offer delivery or background processing should you need this.


After a successful start, we will meet with  you to ensure (and celebrate over lunch!) that your new employee is the perfect fit.


Peak has several service offerings to best suit your urgency, complexity, discretion and budget for each opening.  We can configure a strategy together that will allow us to deliver top results for your positions.

We have vast network of talented people plus it compounds with direct referrals and introductions from clients and current and former employees. Great people know Great people. We realize that locating top talent is a relationship business. We work hard on keeping great relationships

For our clients, this means fewer candidates to interview before selection. 

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