Contract Recruiting from Peak Hirestandards

Need to hire Quickly or add dedicated recruiting focus?  Contract recruiters from Peak Hirestandards can help. Schedule a call today to determine if contract recruiting can assist you in meeting your talent acquisition goals.


Contract Recruiting from Peak Hirestandards

Peak HireStandards group was formed in 2013 as a response to our client’s request for Contract Recruiting and HR Resources. We realize that our clients need to grow by adding  people with top skills and experience. Contract recruiting from Peak Hirestandards can get the talent acquisition processes started or add to your existing recruiting bandwidth.  This will provide tremendous savings in both time and cost of hiring.  Our recruiters here, not offshore, so they can adapt quickly to your company culture and become an extension of your organization pronto!   Let’s start a conversation to determine if a Peak Contract Recruiter is a good solution for you.  Email Us  or call 404.402.9556

Why engage with a Peak Contract Recruiter?
  • Recruiting Bandwidth  Your company needs to hire quicker
  • You have important positions that are totally unrelated (Director of Engineering, Finance Analyst and Office Manager – all needed now)
  • You are a small to mid-sized company and your HR person is also responsible for recruiting.
  • Dedicated recruiting.  Contract recruiters will not have ‘down time’ when there are HR functions that require focus (like yearly benefits administration)
  • Potential cost savings vs search or retained search fees
  • Peak can payroll, at a reduced fee, should you decide that contractor/Temp people are needed
  • Ability to utilize Peak tools and technologies.  Resume Databases, Peak Databases, Social media tools
  • Our ATS can segment your candidate data. You will own the candidates that you paid to recruit.  Your candidate data does not mix with Peak candidate data

The Peak HireStandards team can provide a flexible approach that include:

  • Contract Recruiting – Your office or ours
  • Contract Recruiting  can arrive complete with industry leading tools and Candidate Databases
  • Contract Human Resource Generalists 
  • Recruiting “Sourcers”
  • Search Services to locate  full-time Recruiters or HR employees 
  • Job Requirement Writing and Online Job Posting

We deliver very experienced Recruiters and HR Professionals that are passionate about their careers and excited to have the opportunity to work with great clients. 

How It Works


Contact Peak.  We carefully listen to you about your hiring goals.  Together we will decide upon the right skills and experiences needed from one of our HireStandards Contract Recruiters.  
Sometimes you may want them in your office using your tools and processes.  Sometimes you may want them to suitcase in our proprietary tools, technologies, social media interfaces and candidates databases. Or, perhaps you just need some deep internet recruiting sourcing?


A Peak Recruiter starts work on your project.  They will professionally blend in to your organization’s culture and follow your established policies.   As an example, clients have utilized Peak for:

  • Candidate sourcing, recruiting, interviewing and selection activities
  • Attend Job Fairs
  • Structure College recruiting programs
  • ATS assessment
  • Design and implement Social Media recruiting

You’ll meet your Talent Acquisition goals quickly and easily without abandoning you other initiatives and projects.  Take that overdue vacation.  Quit working overtime every day.  Let our experienced contract recruiters help you do what you do best.  Run your organization.


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