Job Head Hunter – Replaced by Modern Recruiter

The Job Head Hunter has largely been replaced by the more affordable and more effective Recruiter, offering better results to companies that use recruiters.

Job Head Hunter vs. Recruiter

The job head hunter. What an image this suggests. In the past, locating and interviewing potential candidates to fill vital company positions was handled by an independent job head hunter. These retained search professionals would physically scour the countryside in person, and make endless phone calls to start conversations with prospective candidates and executives.

A search for most any position would never be completed in under 3 months.

Some searches lasted 12-18 months before a top candidate started work. The job head hunters were compensated before the search was underway, during the search, and after the search was completed.

As time marched on, companies simply did not have the time to wait for a traditional job head hunter to locate candidates to fill vital positions. The “job head hunter” was subsequently overshadowed by what are not called recruiters.

Recruiters can usually deliver middle and high-level candidates a lot more quickly because they are compensated when the candidate starts his or her new assignment (not before). For this reason, the recruiter has a greater sense of urgency than the job head hunter. This recruiter shares the same sense of urgency as does the hiring company that the recruiter serves. Experienced recruiters at Peak Resource Group, for example, work with great urgency to locate, interview and evaluate candidates. Top candidates are hand-selected by Peak for you.

Peak places outstanding candidates in top companies around Atlanta and across the country, including: engineering jobs, telecom jobs, computer software jobs, information technology jobs, HR jobs, manufacturing management jobs, and various administrative positions.

Job Head Hunter

Job Head Hunter

How a Job Head Hunter / Recruiter Can Help

Your recruiter, particularly from Peak, will have 10 to 20 years of recruiting experience when your search starts, and will have been doing full-time recruiting during that period. You can rely on your recruiter’s understanding of your business, and understanding of the nature and qualities of the type of candidate who will succeed in your environment. You recruiter will also have a good feel for candidates who will likely become problematic in your organization, and avoid presenting these candidates.

Your recruiter will also have experience with the latest industry hiring trends, and may be in a good position to help you adjust your job specs to insure that you don’t overlook critical requirements. This could really benefit the department where your new hire will work.

Your recruiter, in the role of “head hunter”, will be able to draw candidates from a current inventory of active candidates, and also will know where and how to contact other qualified professionals who could fulfill your hiring requirement.

Finally, your head-hunting recruiter will be able to guide you on choice of permanent hire, contractor, or contract-to-hire. Your recruiter will know what sort of candidates are available on the market, and suggest how to tailor the recruiting process to provide candidates appropriate for your actual business needs.

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