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We know that sometimes you need a discreet method to locate Manager, Director and Executive talent.  

We also know with the current IT and Engineer shortage hiring those people can be just as vital to your organization.  If you want to determine current competition for the resources you need, just visit Indeed.com and type in a few of your skills key words.  The most highly sought after technologies have thousands of hot, current openings.  And Indeed.com numbers do not include all openings.

Peak’s Specialization and “Secret Sauce”

These types of searches require a lot of ethical ‘sneakiness’, extensive current relationships and deep, ninja level digital internet skills. If you are not comfortable executing paragraph long Boolean search strings, understand x-ray search and things like the differences between Google vs. Bing results, then you could be missing identifying ‘deeply hidden passive’ candidates.   Many of these candidates do not put their private information on the internet for all to see.   Well, Peak has ways of ‘seeing’ them and identifying the top professionals in the country.

We know that your positions need discretion, especially if you are  replacing an incumbent.  We also know that you do not want your competitors to know what is going on in your organization because with adding great people you are going to take away their business. We get that.

Peak can provide these services on a Retained Basis.  We use the skills and experience gained from our very fast paced Consulting Staffing practice for the initial research and Digital identification.  All communication from that point is handled by a Senior level Recruiter.
 What does that mean to you?  Usually we are quicker to deliver the best candidates to our clients.   Our research methods also go a lot deeper than most traditional retained Search firms, so your will get access to people that they will probably not be able to find. Honestly, we run circles around traditional Executive Search firms.  It’s fun actually.

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