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Zac Lopett is a true App Junkie, and has become Peak Resource Group’s expert iPhone App Reviewer.  Check out Zac’s resourceful app reviews below:
 iPhone/iPod Touch users – how many times have you bought an app from the AppStore only to find out that it is useless, or that it does not function exactly how you expected or you just have no use for it?

When the AppStore was first launched, I was one of thousands who foolishly bought and downloaded any app that caught my eye, regardless of whether I needed it or not. Even though each app costs less than $10, it still adds up to quite a sum of money after a while.

After burning a hole in my wallet, I have grown smarter now. Instead of buying apps out of impulse, I will first check out several iPhone apps and decide if I really need them or want them, and if they are worth my dollars. It pays to check out the iPhone app reviews!  Below are some of my new found favorites:

Draw Something      

In the vein of social games like Words With Friends comes a new game Draw Something that brings out your creative side. Much like Words With Friends you can play with any other smartphone user or the people on your Facebook friends list. While Words is a Scrabble clone, Draw Something is a emulated Pictionary game. Each person takes a turn picking a subject, which range in points and difficulty, and then tries to create an illustration of the subject matter. As you correctly answer each other’s sketches you gain points that can used to add new colors to your existing pallet. While this game is traditionally simple is becomes a quick addiction that is fun and easy to pick up and play.

The Rundown:

  • Platform- iPod/iPad
  • Price- Free (can pay $1 to remove ads and receive in-game currency)
  • Players- 2+
  • Learning Curve- Small
  • Ages- 7+
  • Play Time- 30 secs to 5 min

Cat Toys

This App is a more non-traditional game because it is meant for your furry feline friend. The toy consist of what looks like a shoe box with a small mouse, or other small creatures or items, that move around at different paces and makes a noise when touched. It is a pretty simple design but my cat responded well to it and kept his attention longer than any other toy he has. I thought it was rather cute watching him follow the scurrying mouse and if you too are a cat person this should bring you just as much amusement as your fuzzy friend.

The Rundown

  • Platform- iPad
  • Price- Free (can pay $1 to get 4 more cat toys)
  • Players- 1+ Cats
  • Learning Curve- Purrrfect
  • Ages- Depends on the Cat
  • Play Time- Many Minutes
Zac Lopett

Zac Lopett

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Zac is a Horror Movie junkie that works by day as a Social Network Recruiter for Peak Resource Group. He is the proud father of Bundy the wonderdog. He is also the editor of the Peak monthly Newsletter.
Zac Lopett
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Zac Lopett

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