Your Network Resolution 2013! Part 3

Your Network Resolution 2013!  part 3

OK – Part 1 and 2 showed you basics of getting started. Email account naming basics and LinkedIN Profile.

This month we are going to start talking about INVOLVEMENT. You have to become proactively involved in growing your network..  “Get off the couch” (figuratively – as you CAN get involved with your Online Networking while ON the couch).

I bet many of your go to ‘in person’ networking events.  You hang near the walls (or the bar!).  You look at your iPhone for new emails/texts.  You stand around looking and feeling stupid.  Everyone seems to be having fun except for you and a few other networking wallflowers – who you eventually talk to obtaining their business cards which you put in your desk drawer at the office.

Let’s establish some KNOWN In-Person Networking facts:
-Everyone there made plans to be there.  They got invited.  They cleared their calendars.
-Everyone there wants to meet new people. -Many people bring a friend, that they will talk to most of the evening, hence defeating the purpose of meeting new people.
-Those people having the most fun are just confident in their selves, they ARE the movers and shakers in industry, or they have spent too much time close to the bar.
-You still have those rejection feelings from High School….oh, wait….that’s just me.

These same ‘facts’ keep many people out of online networking.  For this very reason, YOU, the super star of your industry, need to be light years ahead and become QUEEN (or KING if you prefer) of the online network world!!!!

Here are FACTS  that I use when I am reaching out to people I don’t know (YET!!)

-You can learn a lot about a person from their LinkedIN profiles.  Hopefully, they have read part 2 of my instructions, and, like you, have an interesting, relevant Bio.
-Because you can ‘check them out’, it is much easier to find a common interest.  Maybe you have worked at the same company?  Maybe you are both into the same technologies or industry?  Or, Hey (and this deserves a drum roll for networking brilliance)you both know JOHN!)  What a PERFECT way to reach out directly.  What a perfect way to have JOHN introduce you?

-LinkedIN invitations.  WOW  What an easy-cheesy way to connect. 
Do NOT (and this is KEY) send the generic email. 
I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.  

If you REALLY want to ‘know’ me – or for me to spend more than 1 second getting to ‘know’ you – don’t send me this garbage.  It’s very close to getting a “personalized’ email addressed to your LAST name.  Nothing says “I really don’t care” more than the generic Linkedin email. 

Here are a few samples for you to copy/paste as your own

Hello Dave!
I see that you worked at XYZ in the early 90’s.  I was there at about the same time – it’s funny that we have not met before (but you were the president and I was a lowly clerk – maybe that is why? ha). Maybe one day in the next few weeks we can grab a coffee and share some stories?   Suggest a time.  Also, if there is anyone in my network that you would like to connect with, let me know.

Hello Bob!
What a great background!  I’ve dabbled in developing web sites, but I looked at a few of your linked examples and WOW!  Your stuff is really cool.  I like ‘meeting’ new interesting people and if you’d ever like to connect for a tea or something, drop me a note.

Hello Tom!
SNAPPY new photo!  I was researching some people in my LinkedIN that had skills as a rocket surgeon, and your funny photo caught my eye and I had to reach out.  I can tell that we share the same weird sense of humor. Let’s connect here and if I can be of assistance to you as you grow your network, please let me know.

Get the Idea?  Here’s a list of LinkedIN invitation to do’s that I use:

NEVER use the canned LinkedIN ‘join my network’ email.
PERSONAL- tell me about WHY I want to know you.
HUMOR – always works well.  We all have our business side. The good ones of us also have a funny bone.
ME ME ME – Tell me that you actually spent 30 seconds, read my profile and found something interesting about ME,  Ego?  you betcha.
DO NOT turn this into a sales email.
BE REAL.  Be yourself.  This is like a note card – not a business memo. This real you – is probably pretty interesting.
OFFER First answer the question “what can I do for you”?
Until Next Month….

Jacki Neal
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