Wow! Peak is getting Ready to enter our 17th year

Wow!  Peak is getting Ready to enter our 17th year
by Jacki Neal

I woke up this morning with a realization.  In August, Peak Resource Group will be entering our 17th year.  Wow!   I know companies have ‘birthdays’ and ‘marketing opportunities’ as they reach milestones, and maybe we will have a cake here at the office as we are ALWAYS looking for reasons to have cake.

I’d like to, instead, give a heartfelt THANKS – a REAL thank you – personally.  Our clients have blessed and trusted us to work hard and help them build their teams.  That is such an honor.  Sure, this is ‘business’ but it is also very personal since we are  a privately owned company.  There were so many life events and downturns in hiring and contracting that.could have killed our business.  We look at the Staffing Company landscape during the past 17 years and there are many firms that have not made it.  People that had years of planning to own their own company, only to have to close.  That’s BIG.  We have seen our own business experience ups and downs during the past 18 months as the economy starts to recover.

I also look at all of the 1000’s of  PEOPLE that we have helped find new contractor or employee positions.  People that we helped open doors, move forward, and support their families.  We are honored that they trusted our experience and relationships. We are thankful for the great work they have done for our clients.

What’s next? Our relationships have brought us into new industries that are using our services.  It’s been an interesting shift as we move our model from being 100% Communications and Technology industry focused to a model that is 75% focused with those areas and 25% focused on Manufacturing, Franchisee, Sales and Administrative Support areas.  Meeting and learning about these new businesses and the people that help make them successful is a blast!

If you are a hiring manager and need Permanent or Contractor staffing – we have a top team ready to help.  We have had a good run during the past 17 years, but adding some new opportunities or trusted referrals is always very much appreciated!!!
We realize that the mega firms have 50 recruiters (many offshore) that may be able to cast a bigger net when looking for candidates to hire.  We believe that bigger is not always better.  Working with firms like Peak where your company is always a Big and Important fish, means that you will always receive the BEST of our services and experience vs being a line item on a job requirements spreadsheet.  It matters to you and it matters to us….always

Reach out if you’d like to talk about open positions or if you’d just like to reconnect.  We need little sleep around here (another joy of working for a smaller firm), and are always ready to help:
We are living our career dreams because of you.  Day to day we never want to forget that.

Zac Lopett

Zac Lopett

Social Network Recruiter at Peak Resource Group, Inc.
Zac is a Horror Movie junkie that works by day as a Social Network Recruiter for Peak Resource Group. He is the proud father of Bundy the wonderdog. He is also the editor of the Peak monthly Newsletter.
Zac Lopett
Zac Lopett
Zac Lopett

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