What a Contract Recruiter Can do for You

Your boss is pumped when you’re on the ball with the latest trends in your human resource department, and using contract recruiters is one of them. The trend started heating up around 2009, when the economy went down. Many companies began laying off full-time employees, including HR employees because hiring numbers were reduced and there were fewer employees left to support.

More and more companies have since discovered they can outsource portions of HR such as payroll, benefits and recruiting so that they have more time to focus on internal human resource strategy and leadership development. Industry experts predict outsourcing recruitment and other specialized functions will continue to explode over the next decade.

Don’t worry. Contract recruiters are not looking to take over your director of human resources position. They’re sole mission is to help boost your department’s effectiveness by taking on the task of recruiting your next ideal employees. Still not convinced? Check out additional benefits you can get from a contract recruiter.

You can save money on agency search fees. Not only does a contract recruiter typically cost less overall than hiring an another HR employee, but it’s likely to cost less than all agency search fees.   With average fees of 20%, it does not take very many placements from a contract recruiter to show true savings.  

You can find where the good employees are. Unemployment rates hit 5.9 percent as of September 2014, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, a drastic reduction from the 10 percent seen in October 2009. Fewer people out of work means that the people you need to hire are currently working.  Sometimes they need to be introduced and educated on the wonderfulness of joining your firm.  This is a relationship interaction not a ‘resume’ thing.  Contract recruiters usually can build candidate relationships a lot quicker than you can. Their contract duration is based on results plus when they do one thing, over and over, they create great processes and work habits.

You can benefit from deeper industry or technology knowledge. Perhaps you need to fill a highly specialized IT or engineering position that requires a deep knowledge of the technologies or understanding what competitors also employ these skilled people. 

Whatever the case, it can be tough to attract and create interest from an ideal passive candidate unless you can talk their talk.  They are happily employed, probably paid well and are finally seeing their bonus’s at full rate.  Understanding the industry or technologies can also make quicker work of sifting through the tons of applications that come in through your company website.  The right contract recruiters have the time, experience and recruitment techniques that work to net the candidates you need.

You have one less burden to carry. As HR director, you’re probably juggling a dozen or so different tasks at any given time. Recruiting employees need not be one of them. Even if you did attempt to take on the recruitment responsibilities, you’d be dividing your time and attention among all your other duties (and probably working until midnight on a regular basis) and it is unlikely that every task area is getting your best energy.

Let a contract recruiter step in with the sole function of filling the positions you need filled. Their main task is recruiting, and they can focus on it without any distractions. Let them conduct the evening phone interviews and the weekend discussions so you can focus on the strategy and forward thinking results that you were hired to create for your company.   Contractors recruiters can take a huge workload off your plate while also pleasing your hiring managers with quicker candidate delivery and your CFO with balanced HR budgets. And you can even start to make it home for dinner.

Jacki Neal
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Jacki Neal
Jacki Neal
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