The WOW Factor In Career Search

The WOW Factor In Career Search.  Take a look.  You tell me

Your resume is a marketing document.  Having the WOW factor in career search marketing will catch a hiring managers attention.  I received one such resume from a candidate recently.  She is a marketing professional, so who better to present herself in the best possible, and creative, light?  I was dazzled so I scheduled a time to interview her about her approach.  Here goes.

When Marketing Exec Jennifer Dlugozima found out her position was relocating, and she couldn’t, she decided to conduct her own marketing campaign to land her next career “love”.

She knew she needed some brand awareness.  Heck, she is a pro with building brand awareness and results for the companies that she has worked with.  Why not utilize those same experiences to increase her own brand?  That seemed like a much better option then to attend networking events; ask colleagues to pass around her resume, and hang out on Linkedin.  She wanted some WOW.  Jennifer D WOW Factor

So, using the “ALS Bucket Challenge” as her inspiration, where people gladly tapped their networks because it was fun, she created a quirky, whiteboard video about her skills (with software for $30/month). The call-to-action: visit her linkedin page. The call-to-action #2: schedule a call or meeting.

Marketing 101. She sent the video to about 20 people as a test. And within two weeks, the video had almost a 100 views, and her Linkedin page views grew 23%. 

Take a look at video. “How Can I Help Your Business Grow”

Will this land her next job?   Will she get the exposure for being a little more creative and fun as she conducts her search?  

You betcha.  I took time and interest to share this with you, right?  We read tons of resumes every week.  Coolness sells.

Kudos to Jennifer Dlugozima!  Bravo!  A little creativity goes a long way


Jacki Neal
Jacki loves solving the worlds issues over lunch with industry professionals. She is a self proclaimed non- recovering technology junkie and Diet Coke addict. As the owner of an INC 500/5000 Staffing and Placement firm since 1997, she has helped her clients grow by locating Top Talent to join their teams. She has been known to totally blow the Peak marketing budget by 'grabbing' a bus and taking 75 clients and employees to see Jimmy Buffett. Funny, how relationships change when you see executives in grass skirts.
Jacki Neal
Jacki Neal
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