Right to Hire Staffing – How It Works for You

Right to hire staffing gives you the no-commitment opportunity to try out prospective new professional employees, in your office with your team. You keep the good ones.

What is Right to Hire Staffing?

Right to hire staffing is a very positive tool that you can use to grow your professional staff and strengthen your business. It’s a low-risk way to finding the employees who will be able to help grow your business.

Right to Hire Staffing Has Tremendous Benefits for Hiring Managers

Right to Hire Staffing Has Tremendous Benefits for Hiring Managers

With right to hire staffing for professional candidates, you ask your Atlanta staffing agency, Peak Resource Group, to search for the best possible candidate to fill a professional job in your company. In addition, you ask Peak to fulfill the requirement with a right-to-hire candidate. This means that the candidate selected will join your company as a temporary staff member.

The candidate selected on a right-to-hire basis will work in your office, laboratory, studio, or other facility. The candidate will work directly with your team members and customers, using your tools and processes, learn your company culture, keep your working hours, and follow your work rules and expectations for professional behavior.

After you’ve had a chance to see the job candidate in action, and to assess how the candidate interacts with your team and performs the job, you’ll have the opportunity to decide whether to retain the candidate as a permanent employee. You’ll also have the option to ask for another temp-to-perm candidate to try out.

How Right to Hire Staffing Can Work for You

Using right to hire staffing, the first benefit you realize the relief you’ll feel. You don’t have a commitment to hire, you’re just bringing in a staff member on a short term basis to help your team, so you’ll worry less about having to make the perfect hire.

A second benefit you get is the opportunity to test the new professional candidate’s performance against the real challenges of the job you have to fill You can observe how effectively the candidate works with your team.

Finally, the hiring decision you have to make is going to be easy. You’ll have seen the candidate working the job, with your team, so it will be easy to decide whether it’s time to try a new candidate, or convert your trial candidate to a permanent hire.

What Makes a Successful Candidate

Getting past good character, technical qualifications, and people skills that work with your team, you should be looking for initiative. The more “get up and go” and self-confidence you find in the candidate, the better, especially if you are hiring for your own department.

The candidate with initiative is going to make the effort to learn the job without having to be spoon fed. You just won’t have the time or patience to drag along a candidate who will only do just what is asked, without taking the initiative to search out the work that needs to be done and take care of it.

Peak Resource Group is committed to getting you the best permanent hires, but when right-to-hire is right for you, Peak can deliver quality professional candidates that you can bring on board after a trial period. So, feel confident that right to hire staffing can bring you candidates from and Atlanta staffing agency like Peak Resource Group, and that you’ll have a great opportunity to find a great employee without taking any risk at all.

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