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I have talked to many unemployed people at job networking events that have spent many months looking for a job.  Most were

frustrated that they are not getting responses from their resumes submitted for the perfect job within the perfect company.  When I asked about contract, temporary or employee positions represented by a Staffing company several were not even considering that as an option.
Staffing companies are used by top companies to locate the best candidates. We get paid only after the perfect candidate starts work. It is true that this hiring company is our customer – we locate candidates for them for a fee. Other types of firms, like outplacement firms, have the mission of helping job seekers directly.  That being said, staffing companies allow our candidates the opportunity to gain access to desired companies on a contract, contract ­to­ hire, or direct hire basis. We already have the top-level relationships.  According to the American Staffing Association’s website, more than 90% of companies in the US use staffing firms for contract and direct hire workers.
So let’s take a look at some Staffing Company misconceptions:

Myth #1: I only want a “real” job, not a contract job.

Reality: The jobs available through staffing companies are “real” jobs. Your paycheck comes from the Staffing Company, but your assignment could be with many top Fortune 500 companies. Most large companies have hundreds and/or thousands of workers on site performing vital tasks while being on contract through a staffing company.  Many times you are doing the same work as company employees but the budget money for your work is coming out of a different “bucket” inside the company.
Myth #2: The jobs available through staffing companies pay less

Reality: Since most staffing firms are competing for top talent, we will not be able to hire or to retain them if we are not paying a market salary.  Our clients depend on us to provide smart individuals that will complete projects.  Underpaying resources, only to have them leave mid project for a higher paying position, hurts not only the staffing firms bottom line (as we have the expense of replacing that person) but also our reputation with our client.  It makes no sense to underpay talented individuals.

Myth #3: Staffing companies only work with administrative or warehouse type candidates.

Reality: Twenty years ago this may have been the case. I still remember the “Kelly Girls” ads.  Though there still are many staffing firms totally focused on office support candidates, there are also tons of boutique specialty firms that are tasked with professional, managerial, industry subject matter experts and technical positions.  Reality #3A: In the past 12 months Peak Resource Group has placed a contract and two Direct Hire CIO’s,  several International Business Developers, Project Managers, Program Managers, IT and Engineering experts, Supply chain managers, Contract Recruiters, Human Resource professionals to name but a few.  

The Realities about Staffing Company jobs are that several hundred people are now working with top companies through Peak’s relationships and client’s trust.  Zero of these workers were entry-level, in fact the average worker placed with our clients had an average of 15  years of experience.

So?  Are you looking for a career transition?  Do you want to work with a top company?  Open your options to considering positions represented by Staffing companies.  Realize that talking to top companies about opportunities is what we do ALL day EVERY day.  Who else has a better feel for what is really going on with hiring within your industry?

Jacki Neal
Jacki loves solving the worlds issues over lunch with industry professionals. She is a self proclaimed non- recovering technology junkie and Diet Coke addict. As the owner of an INC 500/5000 Staffing and Placement firm since 1997, she has helped her clients grow by locating Top Talent to join their teams. She has been known to totally blow the Peak marketing budget by 'grabbing' a bus and taking 75 clients and employees to see Jimmy Buffett. Funny, how relationships change when you see executives in grass skirts.
Jacki Neal
Jacki Neal
Jacki Neal

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