Profiling Your Model Employees

Profiling your model employees and understanding their strengths will help you find capable new employees who will be effective in your company.
In most businesses the greatest challenge isn’t sales or production, it’s hiring and keeping your top quality employees. The reasons you lose top employees can range anywhere from poor hiring choices or bad job matching to non-competitive pay and benefits or bad managers. Once you have the right people in place to do the job, your sales numbers or other measures you use to quantify success, will soar beyond your goals.
Profile Your Model Employees

Profile Your Model Employees

The first step in hiring success demands a thorough understanding of what your current top employees are doing to be successful.  It also requires you to understand what personality traits they have that make them so great at what they do.

Too often hiring decisions are made on “gut feelings” or a skills and background match.  Left out and ignored are behavioral characteristics, internal motivation, personality traits and individual aptitudes.

By evaluating these characteristics in your current best employees with testing and interviews, you can develop a “performance profile” rather than a traditional job description.   You can use this profile of you best employees to hire more just like them.

Evaluating Your Model Employees

“Model” doesn’t mean “most senior” or “C-level only”. “Model” means “most effective, most productive, best performing”. In addition to evaluating the top employees, interview their managers, their colleagues and assistants (if applicable), and their customers (if appropriate) to determine what others see that makes them successful or great to work with.

Lou Adler once said, “Having the skills and experience listed doesn’t mean the person can do the work or wants to do it.” Conversely, someone who matches the performance profile who wants to and is capable of doing the work might not possess all of the skills and background considered “necessary” to perform the job. 

A traditional job description could possibly eliminate these potentially great employees from even applying.  This can happen even though a small amount of training to obtain needed skills would yield a better investment for the company in the long run.

Employee Evaluation Tools Can Help

Several companies in the hiring industry offer evaluation tests and tools to help you create an accurate performance profile for each position. Utilizing professionally designed tools to create a basis for your performance profile is highly recommended.

Tools can help you eliminate any bias or prejudice and provide a scientific background for your hiring decisions. Once you have a profile is in place, you can test potential hires to see which position they best match.  It may not always be the position for which they applied.

To quote Smart Strategems, “One size doesn’t fit all.  Improve your employee hiring process by understanding the core characteristics of your company’s top performers.” Using a unique performance profile for EACH position, not one overall, will help minimize hiring mistakes, improve job satisfaction and productivity among employees, and save/earn more money for the company long-term.

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