Online Recruiting I feel like I am on

I have been single for a few years now, and like millions of others, I sometime visit an online dating site to find potential dates. After being in technical sales and recruiting for many years, it has occurred to me that there are many similarities between the two. When I am doing online recruiting I feel like I am on 

When recruiting for the perfect candidate on Linkedin, I read the candidates profile and look at their picture. I wonder if they are telling the truth, and most importantly, have they ever committed a felony? or or

When searching for the perfect date on an online dating service, you read the profile of your potential date, look at her picture (wondering if it is current or not) wonder if they are telling the truth, and most importantly, have they ever committed a felony.

There are times that sometimes I wonder if I am recruiting on online dating sites. It's Confusing.

It’s terrible to realize that the person you have been speaking with over the internet is not quite what they portrayed themselves to be.

Understanding that in order to hire the right candidate for your organization, you must interview the candidate more than once to learn as much about their background as possible. Do they have the background and skills that you need? Can they pass a drug test, were they ever laid off, fired, and why. What are their interests and what type of position would be perfect for them?

With online dating, you need to speak to your potential date a few times to get a feel if she would be someone you would enjoy meeting. You try to discover if they ever have been married and how many times. Do they work, or even drive a car? (you'd be surprised on the answers I've received to this).  What are their interests? Career path? Whoops, I am recruiting again.

There have been many instances after interviewing a candidate, I feel like I just got offline with a potential date. I find myself interviewing a date as if I were looking to hire her for a job.  I just wonder if that Java Developer also likes to take long walks on the beach!

Anyone else agree with me here? There seem to be so many nuances between recruiting and dating that I can’t even list them all in one post!

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David Turk
David Turk is Vice President of Business Development. He brings many years of staffing Consultants and Employees to companies that are in growth mode. He has an extensive network of relationships throughout the USA. He still talks with a New Jersey accent even though he has been in the south for 100 years.
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