Mission El Salvador! Year 2.

Mission El Salvador!  Year 2.

I was blessed for the opportunity to serve again at children’s home in El Salvador  La Casa de mi Padra It was wonderful seeing the children, staff and facility again.  I also want to thank the Peak team for covering for me while I was away.  It was totally weird being ‘iphone-less’ for an entire week.  I thought long and hard about how and where I am going to serve others.  It is true that there are groups within the USA that need assistance. Why go outside of the country?

Well?  I just LOVE the people in El Salvador.  They have tremendous faith and appreciation for everything.  There are homes, huts actually, that we visited to deliver food.  People were proud to invite them into their homes.  Even with dirt floors and metal sheet or plastic sheeting roofs, their homes were very clean.  You could just seem them beaming with pride.  They made room for us to come inside.  We were guests.

There is no ‘entitlement’ attitude, at all.  They are not looking for handouts.  Heck, even when we delivered food, none of them opened the bag to see what was there.  They set it down on a table and then started being a host to us – the out of the country, foreigners that came by for a visit.  We met people that have never had electricity.  Many have to hike to get water.  Yet, they seemed happy and at peace.

 el salvador

I could see the love in their eyes and true pride for what they have.  When they praised God and picked up their Bibles – their Bibles were worn.  Read.  Used.  It was truly eye opening to see an entire other culture, 1000’s of miles away that believes in the same God that I do.  How did this happen?  This belief has been handed down through the generations, person to person for 2000 years.  Seeing this again personally really brings a lot of reality and truth into my personal faith.

These people may be unfortunate, by American standards.  Many do not have enough food for daily meals.  Education of the children is not a priority or even an option in many areas.  They are, though, fortunate in that they have a true inner kindness and peace that just beams from them.  It is this kindness and love that they all show that honors me with the ability to serve in a small way.

It truly is an honor.  I praise God that I am allowed but this small opportunity to serve and have my eyes opened to the magnitude and ‘realness’ of him.  I have applied to go again in 2014.  My husband has applied as well and we hope that we are chosen to be a small part of next year’s October mission group.  It is a truly outstanding and humbling experience.

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