Millennials Hiring Millennials

Gen-Y employees can be great assets

Gen-Y employees can be great assets

Millennials Hiring Millennials. What IS this recruiting world coming to?

I never thought I would enter the ‘dark side’ and become a recruiter.  With a degree in Sociology I really didn’t know what I wanted to do, but it was not this.

Rewind 5 years.  The hiring of new college grads (note the degree above) was bad.  There were no entry level growth jobs.  Many of my fellow graduates waited tables.  I had a pretty good job (I have BENEFITS!) with Red Box.  Along with getting to see free movies, I got to drive all over my territory stocking products and talking to people about movies.  Sweet deal. Unless it was 100 degrees or raining.

I was offered a position with Peak Resource Group to learn about social networks and locating top talent for my company.  Since I love ‘internet research’ (ie finding funny photos and looking on Youtube is what I do for fun anyway) and my degree focus, I thought this could be a good fit.

I never knew before this job that I was categorized as a millennial!  I found out that group of people had  birth years after 1982.  As time went on, my current employer was listening to using my opinions (ok, I have a edgy, sarcastic personality and I was always making fun of my ‘elders’ in the office)  regarding MY generation to get better at relating to us and locating us for prospective employment.  I will use the overall word LAME to describe some of the interview conversations that I heard when talking to millennial candidates.

I never knew I was an expert, but in relating to people like myself, I am pretty good.  Here are my insights:

  • Don’t call us.  1) We rarely answer the phone  1a) We even more rarely answer the phone from numbers we don’t know.  You could be calling about my student loan and I really don’t want to talk to you.  I’m busy. We all have smart phones chalked full of great music, photos and Apps.  We seldom use them to talk on, unless it’s our mom. 
  • Email us – but don’t spam us with long, boring, canned emails.   We check emails from our phones usually.  We usually won’t scroll over and over to get the the ‘meat’ of your email.  We are multitasking between your email and texting with our friends while also trying to work.  You will not keep our focus.  We can also type a lot faster than we can talk.  Honest.
  • Text Us   Most of use have unlimited data plans because we have the same plan as our parents account.  Heck, I bet there is a big percentage of us that stay on that plan since our parents are so wonderful.  Don’t send us a long text.  Unless it if from our significant other, we will not read it all.  Use humor.  Be creative.  Remember that we are the generation walking around with 1000 photos, many of them of cats in funny poses, on our person at any time.  You have stiff competition.   I got a text recently:  got ur resume. if ur looking let me know.    I am not looking right now, but I responded anyway.  I will save that number because I may be looking after this article gets published.
  • Creativity Rocks  I sent an email about a job with a VINE video.  Yes it was a funny dog dancing and singing.  It was late in the day and I was bored.  You know what?  I got an immediate response.  Like under 30 seconds.
  • Visit us Online
    • Online applications, online communication, online videos selling your company (that highlights how your firm provides a warp-speed ride to career success) is vital.
    • If you do not even have a web site, don’t contact us.  What decent employer doesn’t have a web site?  We think you’ll be making us use manual systems or a flip-phone.
  • Short and to the PointI never read long job descriptions and I don’t write them that way for my positions either.   Paragraphs about your company, I can easily find on the internet.  I do not need to see them in your job description. 
  • Be Authentic in your communications with us.  Gen-Y candidates will totally zone out if you start your used car salesperson recruiting spiel.   I guess that is why as a Gen-Y recruiter I have success with hiring.  I don’t even know how to read a recruiting script or hold back what I am thinking.  Most of us millennials are pretty ‘transparent’ (and that is an ‘elder’ word – we  don’t use it).  We know you can look us up in Instagram, Facebook (though many of us are moving away from that) and google.  Mentioning that you checked us out is ok.  We will check you out probably while we are emailing or texting.   Get to the point.     We will trust you if you talk to us honestly.  We will refer our friends if we like you too.  Most of us have a very large network of friends though our social outlets.  This can be great for you or not.  We share our thoughts online all the time
  •  Tell me:
    • Tell us the good and the bad about your position.  We are ok hearing the bad because then we know you are being honest with us.the skills that you need, what this person will be doing overall, anything that makes this company cooler, or more interesting than the rest.
    • If you have an excellent vacation plan include that.  Personally I have one company that offers 3 weeks of vacation the first year.  I have zero problem getting millennials to interview or accept positions.
    • Tell us about the people at this company.  Who we will be working with.
    • Location of town is nice.  If I live downtown and want to work downtown, not need to waste either of our time

That’s it.  We are easy

Hiring Gen-Y employees will be great additions to your teams. We have energy, top skills and usually a great sense of humor.  Many of us have advanced education or have taken the time to get good at something other than video gaming. You don’t have to ask us about using the internet or automation tools. Remember, we all uploaded our project in schools.  Our ‘books’ were online.  We have not hand written anything in years. It’s time to shake things up a little to locate and hire these talented individuals before your competition does.
Jacki Neal
Jacki loves solving the worlds issues over lunch with industry professionals. She is a self proclaimed non- recovering technology junkie and Diet Coke addict. As the owner of an INC 500/5000 Staffing and Placement firm since 1997, she has helped her clients grow by locating Top Talent to join their teams. She has been known to totally blow the Peak marketing budget by 'grabbing' a bus and taking 75 clients and employees to see Jimmy Buffett. Funny, how relationships change when you see executives in grass skirts.
Jacki Neal
Jacki Neal
Jacki Neal

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