Growing Your Online Network! part 5

I have had several emails with questions which I will take this issue to address in this issue.

“What do I say on LinkedIN to a person that I do not know?”   J.B. Atlanta, GA

Well,  J. What is the benefit for THEM to know you vs. WHY you want to know them.  When I am stumped, that usually clarifies things.   If you are in the same Industry, that could be a reason for them to know you.  Have you just published a book or Article that could be of interest (there is a fine line here between offering information and using LinkedIN to SELL things.  This is a reach out and touch someone group – not a sales – spamming group)?   Do you know several of the same people? (Hi.  I see that you were in the same division at Bob Smith at AT&T.  He’s a great manager that I worked with as well…)  Have you ever worked at the same company?  (Tell a funny story?  Ask about their work content there…….).   Be authentic.  Express your personality.

“How do I get over this reluctance I have to reach out?  I feel like I am being rude…”   L K, Canton, OH
LinkedIN and other online media outlets are really pretty friendly.  What’s the most that can happen?  The person does not reply or accept your invitation.  This could be because they did not see the true benefit of knowing you, they were overwhelmed that day when you sent the request, they are on vacation, or they had a technology glitch and they never received it because OF COURSE they would want to know you.   I always assume the last reason.

“OK.  I have several contacts now.  I am adding more, as appropriate, but what do I do now?   What’s the next step?”  L.B. Utah
Just like any business or personal relationship, you have to be engaged.  You have to spend a little time getting to know people and sharing information.  Keep up with your connections.  Respond to what they are doing and saying online. If you see or hear things that they may deem interesting, send it over but make sure you are not trying to sell them your product or services.  That is not a relationship builder.  All good relationships are a two-way street for them to be of value to either party. Be a little bold, but never rude (no one likes those LinkedIN stalkers!).  

Have a little fun with it along the way.  Most relationships, even business ones, have a large personal component.  Show them your honest authentic self.  Because overall,you will attract people much like yourself IF you are being much like yourself

Until Next Month….

Jacki Neal

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