Growing Your Online Network part 4

Growing your online Network Part 4

This month we are going to discuss COMMITTMENT.  No, this is not a response to “Should Jacki be Committed?”. Commitment to grow relationships, whether in person or online, requires that you put forth some level of effort on a regular basis. 

Let’s review basic scenarios between in person and online interactions:

Example.  In Person.

I meet you in person at a networking event.  Typically, I would walk up to you and stick out my hand and say something very creative like “Hi.  I’m Jacki Neal.  What are you doing here?”   Unless you want to look stupid (hey, that’s your call to make) you would reciprocate – by shaking my hand and replying that you are there because you heard that there was free food and wine.  After this interaction, we would find each other incredibly delightful and would start up a real conversation.

Example.  Online.
  I am watching “Walking Dead” or “Bones” with my Diet Coke on one side, laptop on the other.  I decide to snoop around in LinkedIN.  To see who is doing what.  Look up old friends.  Check out friends of friends.  Check on my competition.  Search for interesting things going on in the lives of people that are in industries that are cool.   I notice that “John” has changed jobs, or knows my friend Jane.  I honestly have an interest in what he does, I am not just stalking him.  I reach out my ‘virtual’ hand and send him a LinkedIn Inmail or Invitation to Connect.  If I am in professional mode, I may write something like “Hello John.  I see that you know Jane and that you and I both are interested Mobile APPs.  Let’s connect here now and maybe grab a diet coke one afternoon”. If I am in Funny mode I may reach out with “Hello John.  I see you have a snappy new photo and that you know Jane.  She totally Rocks.  We worked together on a project that was on fire a few years ago and both lived to tell about it.  Any friend of hers is a friend of mine and it my belief that good people should know each other. Let’s connect.”

Using the examples above, you will notice they are the same types of Activity, just using a different methods. The COMMITTMENT part comes in, when you actually DO THIS,  every few days over a long period of time.  The COMMITTMENT continues because YOU are the one to stick your virtual or physical hand out there.  You are bold and fearless.  You care about your industry, your friendships, new ideas and giving back.

Online network relationships require time, attention and thought – just like ‘in person’ relationships.  You don’t call your long lost friend from High School and immediately ask them to help you in the yard.  Reaching out to an online person that you connected to 2 years ago and have not taken the time or effort to converse with since?   Do you really expect them to drop everything because you now are needy?
Jacki Neal
Jacki loves solving the worlds issues over lunch with industry professionals. She is a self proclaimed non- recovering technology junkie and Diet Coke addict. As the owner of an INC 500/5000 Staffing and Placement firm since 1997, she has helped her clients grow by locating Top Talent to join their teams. She has been known to totally blow the Peak marketing budget by 'grabbing' a bus and taking 75 clients and employees to see Jimmy Buffett. Funny, how relationships change when you see executives in grass skirts.
Jacki Neal
Jacki Neal
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