Attack of the 50 ft. Zac!!! – Quick Film Reviews

One of my favorite things is watching movies, too bad they all can’t be as entertaining as the trailer may lead you to believe. I’m hear to watch some of the current movies and give you a quick and honest review.


Django Unchained– R
Cast- Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Quentin Tarantino
Pros- Great actors, pacing, writing
Cons- May be a bit too much for some people
Rating- A

Guilt Trip– PG-13
Cast- Barbara Streisand, Seth Rogen
Pros- Total Mom/date movie
Cons- Kinda generic outside a few parts
Rating- C+

Silver Linings Playbook– R
Cast- Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro
Pros- Good characters, Parents/Grand Parents will eat this up
Cons- Slow start, Could use more De Niro
Rating- B+

If you have a better idea or I missed something, then let me know at
Zac Lopett

Zac Lopett

Social Network Recruiter at Peak Resource Group, Inc.
Zac is a Horror Movie junkie that works by day as a Social Network Recruiter for Peak Resource Group. He is the proud father of Bundy the wonderdog. He is also the editor of the Peak monthly Newsletter.
Zac Lopett
Zac Lopett
Zac Lopett

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