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Peak Resource Group, Inc, an Atlanta staffing agency, has been seeing a definite uptick in hiring throughout the USA.

We have recently met with several Atlanta-based staffing agencies to ‘compare notes’ and discuss current trends and strategies for delivering great talent.

These are the fact that we all agreed on:

Fact:  There are lots of great careers and contract assignments available from our current client companies.

Fact:  Most people with top skills ARE currently working.

Fact:  Hiring managers and Recruiting organizations are having to go into ‘headhunter’ mode.  We have to proactively locate passive candidates that have the skills that we need now OR will need in the future.  We have to locate and start relationships with them now, in hopes that we can hire them (or their referrals) in the future.

Fact:  It is taking a lot more time, experience, and diligence to locate and entice people to leave current employers.  We have seen this ‘feeding frenzy’ in hiring before.  We were crazy busy in the Dot Come era and Y2K, and also in the 2003-2005 (pre 911) time frame.

This new trend for Increase in Hiring, will separate the good Recruiters from the ‘resume processing’ firms that rely on resume data bases and blasting out a 1000 emails in hope of locating a decent candidate.   Existing networks and relationships that Atlanta Recruiters have will be vital.  Recruiters that are experienced ‘hunters’ and  that understand their client positions and can expertly communicate the value of these positions to prospective employee will deliver top candidates.

About Peak Resource Group – An Atlanta Staffing Agency

Peak Resource Group has been providing top talent to clients throughout the USA since 1997.  We look forward to this increase in hiring trend.  We have had good hiring success in the other upticks and know that our years in the business, relationships, and treating people right will allow us the honor of hiring the best employees for our clients.

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