Atlanta Staffing Agencies Receive and Fix Some Funny Resumes

As a busy Atlanta staffing agency, Peak Resource Group receives many resumes every day. Of these resumes, 84% of are pretty well-written. Several though are very funny as written.

For example, in July, a sales job candidate wrote that he had a key role starting “4 countries”.  WOW!  He started 4 countries.  I wonder if he had any help?

 Fortunately, we were able to work with the candidate to make appropriate edits that produced a very appealing and honest resume.

On a more serious note, there are a lot of things that a good staffing agency can do to help top candidates present their skills in an easy-to-understand way that helps move the job search and hiring process along.  Having a relationship with a few recruiters in your industry, especially before you are seeking a new career, will get you ‘extra’ support on resume creation.

Your Situation

Do you have resume domination or resume ho-hum?  Do you put hiring managers to sleep? 

At Peak, unlike other staffing agencies in Atlanta, we don’t just look for any candidate, we look for candidates with Resume Domination.  Ones that come alive.  Ones that reach out and grab us.

Following are truths and a few real life examples from July.

First Truth About Resumes

  • Your resume is a marketing document. Period! If it is boring, we assume that you are.
  • All facts need to be true and honest, but a resume is not a career diary.  We do not care that you were a busboy in 1983.  Honest, we don’t.

Resume Domination Phrases

Here are a few Resume Domination phrases that caught our attention (and our interest as a hiring manager).

  • Laser focus on goals! POW! I feel a little super hero envy here! Yes we talked to this person
  • Fearless with Cold CallingMost sales people hate cold calling. Many are not very good. One sales rep candidate addressed this in her opening  paragraph. She also linked to me on LinkedIN. (Showing me she knows how to ‘work it’) Did I call her? Yep!
  • Fiercely Curious This candidate could have used boring words: “interested in” or “problem solver”.  SNORE  This Dominator phrase was in a business exec’s resume. It made me smile. I have his resume in my “personal pile”. I’ll contact him pronto when I get a position that fits.

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Jacki Neal
Jacki loves solving the worlds issues over lunch with industry professionals. She is a self proclaimed non- recovering technology junkie and Diet Coke addict. As the owner of an INC 500/5000 Staffing and Placement firm since 1997, she has helped her clients grow by locating Top Talent to join their teams. She has been known to totally blow the Peak marketing budget by 'grabbing' a bus and taking 75 clients and employees to see Jimmy Buffett. Funny, how relationships change when you see executives in grass skirts.
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