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Have you ever thought, “Man, my fingers could use a work out?” Well now your dreams have come true in game form with Fingle. The easiest way to explain Fingle is to call it Finger Twister. This game requires two players sitting around a flat stationary iPad and working together to keep your fingers on often moving targets. The game starts with a few practice levels with motionless targets, but soon escalates to a pandemonium level of finger weaving. Fingle is a great ice breaker at parties and social gatherings that is guaranteed to get a laugh and start a conversation. So if you want something new and different for the iPad, Fingle is a good place to start.

The Rundown:

  • Screen Shots- Picture 1, Picture 2
  • Platform- iPad
  • Price- $2
  • Players- 2
  • Learning Curve- Easy to learn but gets complicated
  • Ages- 9+ for mild suggestive hand movements
  • Play Time- 30 secs to 15 min
Zac Lopett

Zac Lopett

Social Network Recruiter at Peak Resource Group, Inc.
Zac is a Horror Movie junkie that works by day as a Social Network Recruiter for Peak Resource Group. He is the proud father of Bundy the wonderdog. He is also the editor of the Peak monthly Newsletter.
Zac Lopett
Zac Lopett
Zac Lopett

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