6 Steps for Job Searching

For one reason or another, we all come to the point where we must look for a new job.  We might be employed and ready for advancement or suddenly unemployed due to company restructures.  The 6 Steps for Job Searching will help quick start your search whether you are unemployed or currently employed are the same albeit more discreet while employed.

If you are unemployed, you will have more time at your disposal to search.  I recommend 8 hours a day for the first few weeks. Then reduce to a few hours a day followed by in person networking.  This is also the perfect time to add some volunteer work hours into your week.  Many people claim ‘I just don’t have time for service work because I work 50 hours a week’.  Serving others during this time will benefit not only the people you are helping, but also your own confidence and self-worth.

Step 1 – Assess your core competencies.  Companies are always looking for someone who is a perfect match for the job, but usually hire someone with 80% of the skills combined with a great attitude.  You have to look at what you’ve done in the past to know where to go looking.  If you’re a project manager who has worked in contact centers, you are going to have the best luck at targeting similar roles or roles within the same industry.  It’s very difficult in this market to completely change career paths, especially if you have more than 7 years in the same area.  It is possible, but know that you will probably need to be taking classes in your desired area and locating a new position could take longer.

 Step 2 – See what is going on in your career area. Run searches on keywords to find out who is hiring people with your skill sets.  Indeed.com and simplyhired.com are two sites to consider.  They also allow for saved searches that will email you new positions every day.  Using these job aggregators is one way, but I suggest that you do not depend totally on finding a job via online postings.  Jobs seem to duplicate or stay on these sites for a long time.  Even after they have been filled.

 Step 3 – Jump on linkedin.com to see who you know at the places you identify as possible employers.  I am sure that you have been networking there already before you needed a job.  You know a lot of people with similar skills and relationships with people who perform different jobs within your industry.  If you have not invested in your personal network, it is not too late.  It is a must to get connected and STAY involved and connected throughout your career.  Most companies heavily use referral programs.  It’s always best to go through a referral.  If you don’t have a large network, you must take Step 4.

 Step 4 – Select a headhunter to help you with your search.  Hopefully you have relationships already with recruiters that focus in your field.  If you have been in a hiring position prior, reaching out to recruiters that you hired people from is a great place to start.  We always go the extra mile for job seekers that have gone the extra mile for us in the past.  That will remove a lot of the legwork. Their networks can be very valuable.   If you do not know a headhunter, reach out to a few on LinkedIN or conduct research in your job search for names of recruiters that are hiring people like you.

 Step 5 – Prepare for your interviews.  Drive the route the night before or at least verify directions with TWO GPS options.  Google Maps, Mapquest, and car GPS’s usually will provide different directions. Never be in a situation where you call to say you’ll be late or need directions.  Research the company.  Dress the part.

 Step 6 – Follow up. A quick thank you e-mail or card to the interviewer including a quick rundown of why you think you’re a fit is never a bad idea.  Manners are never out of style.

I know that searching for your next career can be both exciting and stressful.  Hopefully getting your job search process organized can make things a little easier.

Jenny Nash
Jenny is a Sr. Recruiter. She has extensive experience locating and hiring top talent as a corporate recruiter and also with hiring agencies. She has a 'professionally personal' approach with relationship recruiting.
Jenny Nash

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