2015 Talent Outlook

The 2015 Talent Outlook

Wow, what a difference 2 years makes.  2 years ago there were many talented people that had been downsized and unable to locate new careers.  Raises and bonuses were non-existent with many companies.  Keeping your head down while trying to do the work of 2 people was the strategy for staying employed.

Turn the page to 2015.   We saw a hiring upswing starting the middle of 2014.  Companies were starting to backfill open positions.  Internal projects were finally getting funding and additional resources were needed.  Many people that were unemployed or underemployed are working.  Some people that took positions with less responsibility, title and salary are now moving back to their pre 2012 career tracks.  There is hope for advancement.  The sun is shining and birds are singing.  Life is good.

Now let’s talk about Talent Acquisition.   Fewer people actively seeking a career change.  If they are actively interviewing, getting several offers is not uncommon for people with top skills and experience.  

What does this mean for Hiring Groups?  The days of posting your opening online and waiting for the resumes or highly qualified candidate days are gone.   Yes, you may get many resumes this way, but the ‘highly qualified’ detail will be missing.  Quantity vs Quality.  

We are seeing the Recruiting Talent function changing.  No longer can an HR Manager have the bandwidth to expand their network while also keeping up with HR laws and current employee care.  Recruiting has become less of a Human Resource function and more of a Sales and Branding function. Great recruiters, like traditional sales people, are fearless in their pursuit of the perfect candidate.   They keep a lot relationships active at the same time.  Thousands usually.  

The Internet and access to information has changed the hiring game.  Just as you don’t book a hotel before seeing what others say, top professionals will not respond to recruiters that don’t have similar great online reviews.  Do you really care move about your vacation destination then your next career discussion?

They know how to hunt down the right candidate, who is currently happily employed, and entice them to consider another opportunity.  Great recruiters have their own brand in social media.  Potential candidates can quickly check them out online to see if they are leaders in their field and if they are loved by people in their industry.  Passive job seekers are getting opportunity inquiries all the time.  They will only respond to the recruiters that are industry leaders and respected by others.  Period.

Lucky for us, we know a lot of people. Success in delivering top talent is not only who you know but also who knows you. Our hiring team members all have 15+ years of building these relationships. We talk to top professionals sharing industry news in a peer relationship all day, every day. We honestly like them. They like us. It’s pretty fun being us. It’s a blast that we also earn our living this way.

Here are some of the positions that we have had multiple openings for in 2014:

  • Network and Systems Engineers
  • Software Engineers. All Tools
  • IT Directors
  • Product Managers with Technology Experience
  • “C” level executives
  • Recruiters- contract and Perm
  • QA Test Engineers
  • Web Developers
  • System Integrators
  • Cloud – all areas
  • iOS Developers
  • Sales Pro’s with Technology Depth
  • System Integrators

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